Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I've Been Busy!

Finally! I have enough to post about. I can't seem to keep my own blog updated these days, so this one has really suffered. Thanks to Tammy, our very few fans have had something to check out. But with these last few days of bad weather, I have stayed curled up at home and have actually had a few moments to sit down and do some crafting. I still have a ton of projects I want to do for the holidays, so I'm hoping I still have a few more blogs to come.

I love these little Santas! There is a mint patty in the middle of it. And the beard flips up so you can write a message or use them as place cards for table settings. I think they are ADORABLE!

I saw these done and had to have a try at them. I got the little hand sanitizers from Bath and Body and make a cute box for them. They will make great little stocking stuffers!

How cute are these cards?? They were so simple to make, but I just love them!

And as usual, I had to do some candy wrappers for Christmas. The tags turned out pretty cute and I think they are just a lot of fun!

I did these for fun not sure how they would turn out. But they are pretty cute as well. It's amazing what a little designer paper around chocolates can do!

Most of these projects are for the boutique. I'm trying to get ahead of the game so that I can keep my shelves stocked for the holidays. Plus there are just so many cute ideas out there for Christmas. It's hard not to try all of them. Well, I hope you enjoyed my post. And I hope I'll be back with more soon!


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